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UP-6035A Corrugated Compressive Strength Tester Carton Box Compression Testing Machine

Carton compressive strength tester is a special carton inspection instrument.The standard type of microcomputer carton compressive strength tester has the following five test ranges: 400*600* 600mm, 600*800* 800mm, 1000*1000* 1200mm,* 1200 * 1200 * 1500 * 1500 mm and 1500 mm;The compressive tester can measure force value in the range of 50 ~ 100000 t (10) N, in addition to the above test range, the company also provides custom color box compressive strength testing machine, according to the special requirements of users for modification and customization.

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UP-6035A corrugated paper compressive strength testing machine is a special instrument used to test the compressive strength of cartons. It is designed to assess the ability of cartons to withstand vertical pressure or stacking during storage or transportation. The machine works by applying pressure to the carton until it reaches its maximum load capacity. This helps determine the point at which the box begins to deform or collapse under pressure.


Accuracy ±1%
Measurement range (50~10000)N
Measurement size (600*800*800) other dimensions can be customized
Resolution 0.1N
Error of deformation ± 1mm
Pressure plate parallelism  less than 1mm
Test speed (10± 3) mm/min (stack: 5 ± 1mm/min)
Return speed 100mm/min
Unit interchange N/Lbf/KGF interchange
Man-machine interface  3.5in liquid crystal display, the belt curve shows the change process
Printer module type thermal printer
Working conditions  temperature (20 ± 10 ° C), humidity < 85%
Appearance size 1050*800*1280mm

Test Standard

GB/T 4857.4 "pressure test method for packing and transporting packing parts"

GB/T 4857.3 "test method for the static load stacking of packaging transportation packaging"

Iso 2872 packaging - complete and fully loaded transport package - pressure test

ISO2874 packaging - a complete and full packing package - stacking test by pressure tester

QB/T 1048, cardboard and compressive strength tester

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