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UP-6025 Coating wear tester Alcohol abrasion testing machine

This machine is suitable for all kinds of non-conductor coating coating wear testing machine can use eraser or alcohol friction cloth wear testing machine.

Standard accessories:

Test rod 75 g ± 12 pieces

Alcohol friction head 11 for 2

Weight: 500g, 200g, 100g, 50g, 20g, 10g each of two, a set of tools



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Coating wear tester/Alcohol abrasion testing machine/alcohol wear testing machine

alcohol wear testing machine
Alcohol abrasion testing machine
Coating wear tester

Technical parameters:

Host material  Taiwan mirror
Friction frequency Stepless adjustable speed frequency
Friction counter adjustable 0-99999999 times
Round trip 0-60 times (adjustable)
Friction distance 10mm-50mm can be adjusted freely
The test bar can adjust the required distance up and down
Size 63x45x37 (LXWXH) CM


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