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UP-6018 Mobile Phone Shell MP3MP4 Shell Electric Pencil Hardness Test

Electric pencil hardness tester is suitable for mobile phone shell, MP3 / MP4 shell, laptop shell all kinds of home appliances such as digital products shell coating hardness testing and all kinds of metal coating, decorative materials, synthetic leather, and other areas of the detection of paint hardness.The machine is used to scratch the coating of the product by a pencil with a certain hardness number, so as to show the hardness of the paint without causing the hardest pencil mark to be damaged by the film.This is according to standard requirements of GB/t6739-2006, ASTMD3363, ISO15184, bs3900-e19, ecca-t4/1, JIS, CNS, etc.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters:

Test Angle 45 degrees
Test load 500, 750, 1000g,adjustable
Weights weight 250 grams and 500 grams
Test platform moving speed 5mm/s (knob adjustable, LCD display)
Distance of travel  40mm
Test platform size (L by W) 170 x 120mm,fastern sample 
Test fixture fixture with fixed sample
Work power AC220V, 50HZ
Main attachment one set of Chinese standard pencils (13 6B~6H each), and the weight of the lotusCode, balance weight

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