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UP-6040 Electric dyeing fastness tester friction decolorization testing machine


Tie a dry or wet white cotton cloth on the surface of the friction hammer of this machine, rub the colored pieces with a certain weight and number of times, and evaluate the grade of dyeing friction fastness against the gray standard.It can also be used as friction test for organic solvents.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Friction color fastness testing machine

Meet the criteria:

JIS-L0801, 0823,0849,1006,1084, K6328, P8136

Application industry:

Suitable for footwear, clothing, bags and handbags industry, scientific research and laboratory;Commodity inspection arbitration, technical supervision departments and other testing of leather products performance


Technical parameters:


22 x 3 cm
White cotton cloth 5×5cm
Friction speed 30cpm
Friction hammer load 200g
Auxiliary load 300g
Size of friction hammer 2×2cm, 45~50mm(R)
White cotton cloth stain area  about 1cm2
Counter LCD0~ 999,999
Product 56 * 55 * 34 cm
Weight 60 kg

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