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UP-6020 JISK6894 Paint Film Adhesion Meter Test Machine

JISK6894 Paint Film Adhesion Meter Test Machine
Film adhesion tester is used to determine the adhesion of various coatings to the coated surface.The film adhesion performance was measured by the tracing method, and the film integrity within the scratch range of the round rolling line was evaluated according to seven grades.

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Technical parameters:

Execution standard GB/ t1720-88, JISK6894
Drawing diameter  0 ~ 10.5mm
Description graphics manual
Working table effective area  50x120mm
Four weights one for 500g, two for 200g and one for 100g
The needle adopts 808 or 555 brand needle for easy replacement and can be used less than 5 times
The effective stroke of the workbench shall not be less than 80mm
Overall size  330×160×220mm
Packed weight 15KG

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