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UP-6124 Steam Aging Test Chamber

HAST-Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chambers

HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) chambers reduce the time it takes to complete humidity testing for semiconductors. By elevating temperatures above 100°C and increasing the pressure, simulation of normal humidity tests can be made while maintaining the same failure mechanisms. Tests can be completed in days, or weeks. Our HAST systems have a modern design that’s easier to use:

1, Automatic humidity filling

2, Automatic door lock

3, A round workspace,allowing wider sample boards to be loaded

4, Convenient,hermetic power-pin system for bias testing

We now offer and “Air HAST” modification for faster testing of lead-free solder whisker resistance to humidity.

Product Detail

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Operation Features

1,Unsaturated or sturated humidity control

2,Multi-mode M system(wet bulb/dry bulb) controls humidity,even during heat-up and cool-down.Fully conforms to EIA/JEDEC Test Method A100 & 102C

3,Touch-screen controller with temperature,humidity,and count-down display.Includes Ethernet Interface.

4,12 specimen power terminals,allows power-up of specimens(12 per workspace on "double" units)

5,Automatic fill of the humidity water at the start of a test.

Cabinet Features

1,Inner cylinder and door shield protect specimens from dew condensation

2,Interior is cylindrical for maximum product loading

3,Two stainless steel shelves

4,Set casters for easy movement of the chamber(Except double units)

5,Push button door lock

6,Bottom of the unit allows storage space for peripheral equipment.

Safety Features

1,Overheat & Over-pressure protectors

2,Door lck safety mechanism to prevent opening of the door while the chamber is pressurized

3,Specimen power control termainal:shuts down the product power in the event of an alarm.

Product Specification

Internal Dimension
Φ×D (mm)
300×450 450×550 550×650 650×750
External Dimension
Φ×D (mm)
800×1250×930 960×1380×1050 1050×1450×1100 1150x1600x1500
Range of
Saturated Steam
(Operating temperature)
(Temperature Rangeof Saturated Steam:100ºC~135ºC) ,Temperature Range: 120ºC,100Kpa/ 133ºC  200 Kpa;(143ºC is special order)
Relative Pressure/
Absolute Pressure
Relative pressure: display values  indicated on the  pressure gaugeAbsolute pressure:Value that add 100 Kpa based on display values indicated on the pressure gauge (The actual value in the inner box)
Table of
of Saturated Steam
 UP-6124 Steam Aging Test Chamber-02
Humidity of Saturated Steam 100%RH saturation steam humidity
Steam Pressure
(Absolute Pressure)
101.3Kpa +0.0Kg/cm2 ~ 2.0Kg/cm(3.0Kg/cmis special standard)
Recursive Device Steam Natural convection circulation
Safety Protective Devise Water short storage protect, over pressure protect. (have automatically/manual water replenishing, automatically discharge pressure function )
Accessories Two layers  stainless steel plate
Equipment Capacity(L) 17 43 87 155 250
Powder AC 220V, 1ph 3  Lines ,50/60HZ ;

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