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UP-6201 Electronic Steam Aging Test Equipment


The steam aging test box is used in metal electroplating, plastic electroplating, metal products, electronic appliances, electronic hardware, metal plastics, chemical coatings, baking varnishes, auto, and motorcycle accessories, auto parts, bicycles, sanitary ware, plumbing equipment, screws, fasteners, magnetic materials, lock manufactureing, hardware furniture, sports equipment, and other industries are required for quality testing.

1. Inner and outer box material:SUS304 stainless steel. Beautiful appearance ,not easy to age;
2. The full detection system is adopted, and the light is displayed when a fault occurs, which is convenient for operators to understand the equipment status in time;
3. Heating system: the heating tube adopts titanium tube, Not easy to corrode, longer service life;
3. High stability platinum probe, less error;
4. Compliant with Military Specification MTL-STP-208F,202.

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Inner size(cm) 50*40*17
Carton size(cm) 60*50*42
Steam temperature RT+10~97P
Control precision ±0.5
Timer 9999H 9999m 9999S
Power supply 220V
Power 2Kw

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