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Small Environmental Simulation Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Chamber to Economica and Practical


This is a small, simple and economical xenon lamp aging test box, which USES a small power air-cooled xenon lamp, through the mirror reflection system, to ensure that the radiation energy in the workplace is large enough and evenly distributed.It comes with a violet epitaxial filter, which allows ultraviolet light below the natural solar cutoff point (equivalent to sunlight without an atmosphere) to provide faster and harsher testing conditions for climate-engineered accelerated aging tests.

The operator can set various parameters required by the test arbitrarily through the human-machine interface (radiation energy, radiation time, blackboard temperature, etc.), and can check the running state of the machine at any time. The running parameters during the test can be directly downloaded to the computer through the USB interface.

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Small Environmental Simulation Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Chamber to Economica and Practical Main Performance Features

(1) The xenon light source conforming to the international standard simulates the full spectrum sunlight more truly and optimally, and the stable light source ensures the comparability and reproducibility of the test data.

(2)Automatic control of irradiation energy (using solar eye control system to be more accurate and stable), which can automatically compensate the change of irradiation energy caused by the aging of the lamp and any other reasons, with wide controllable range.

(3)The xenon lamp has a service life of 1500 hours and is cheap. The replacement cost is only one-fifth of the import cost.The lamp tube is easy to replace

(4)Can choose a variety of light filters, in line with a number of domestic and foreign testing standards

(5)Alarm protection function: overtemperature, big irradiance error, heating overload, open door stop protection

(6)Quick results: the product is exposed to the outdoors, the maximum intensity of direct sunlight exposure only a few hours a day.The B-Sun chamber exposed the samples to the equivalent of the midday SUN in summer, 24 hours a day, day after day.Therefore, samples can age rapidly.

(7)Affordable: The B-Sun test case creates a ground-breaking performance-to-price ratio with low purchase price, low lamp price, and low operating cost.Even the smallest laboratory can now afford to conduct xenon arc lamp tests.

Small Environmental Simulation Desktop Xenon Lamp Aging Chamber to Economica and Practical Main Technical Parameters

1.Light source: 1.8KW original imported air-cooled xenon lamp or 1.8KW domestic xenon lamp (normal service life is about 1500 hours)

2.Filter: UV extended filter (daylight filter or window filter is also available)

3.Effective exposure area: 1000cm2 (9 samples of 150×70mm can be put in one time)

4.Irradiance monitoring mode: 340nm or 420nm or 300nm ~ 400nm (optional before ordering)

5.Irradiance setting range:

(5.1.)Domestic lamp tube: 30W/m2 ~ 100W/m2 (300nm ~ 400nm) or 0.3w /m2 ~ 0.8w /m2 (@340nm) or 0.5w /m2 ~ 1.5w /m2 (@420nm)

(5.2.)Imported lamp tube: 50W/m2 ~ 120W/m2 (300nm ~ 400nm) or 0.3w /m2 ~ 1.0w /m2 (@340nm) or 0.5w /m2 ~ 1.8w /m2 (@420nm)

6.Setting range of blackboard temperature: room temperature +20℃ ~ 90℃ (depending on the ambient temperature and irradiance).

7.Internal/external box material: all stainless steel plate 304/ spray plastic

8.Overall dimension: 950×530×530mm (length × width × height)

9.Net weight: 93Kg (including 130Kg packing cases)

10.Power supply: 220V, 50Hz (customizable: 60Hz);The maximum current is 16A and the maximum power is 2.6kW

Ordering Information

BGD 865 desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber (domestic lamp tube)
BGD 865/A desktop xenon lamp aging test chamber(Imported lamp tube

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