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UP-6120 Observe window with operation hole Climatic Stability Chamber

● Indoor temperature and humidity levels can be adjusted and controlled, allowing manufacturers to subject their products or materials to extreme conditions such as high temperatures and high humidity or low temperatures and low humidity to evaluate their functionality and reliability.

● These machines are equipped with sensors and controllers to monitor and regulate indoor temperature and humidity. They also have integrated safety features to prevent any damage or accidents during testing.

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Features of Observe window with operation hole Climatic Stability Chamber:

• LCD Touch Screen (TATO TT5166)

• PID Control of Temperature and Humidity

• Both Temperature and Humidity are Programmable (can have 100 pattern, each pattern has 999 segment)

• With Humidity Sensor

•With thermostats (prevent overheat)

• Test Hole (50 mm diameter)

• With Data Storage function by USB Flash Memory

• Protection (phase protection, overheat, over current etc)

• Water Tank with level detector

• Adjustable Shelf

• With RS485/232 output to computer

• Window Software

• Remote fault notification(optional)

• With Viewing Window

• Anti-condensation technology of the workroom .(Optional)

• User friendly three color LED indicator lamp ,easy to read working condition



Programmable Control Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber





Internal Dimension WxHxD(mm)




External Dimension WxHxD(mm)




Temperature Range

Low Temperature(A:25°C  B:0°C  C:-20°C  D:-40°C  E:-60°C  F:-70°C)

High Temperature 150°C

 Humidity Range

  20%~98%R.H.(10%-98% R.H. / 5%-98% R.H ,is optional , need Dehumidifier)

Control Accuracy of Temperature and Humidity

±0.5°C; ±2.5% R.H.

Temperature Rising/ Falling Velocity

Temperature rising approx.  0.1~3.0°C/min ;

temperature falling approx.  0.1~1.0°C/min;

( Falling Min.1.5°C/min is optional)

Optional Accessories

 Inner door with operation hole , Recorder, Water Purifier, Dehumidifier


AC380V 3 phase 5 lines , 50/60HZ

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