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UP-6197 Salt Spray Testing Chamber


Salt spray test machine can determine the corrosion resistance of iron metal or the iron metal inorganic film or organic film test,such as electroplating, anode processing,conversion coating, painting and etc.

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(1) Name:

Precision salt spray test machine

(2) Model:

AC ~~ 60/90/120/270(108L/)

(3) Specifications:

(I) within the box size (W*D*H)mm: 600*450*400/ 900*600*500/ 1200*1000*500 /2000*1200*600
(Ii) Carton size(W*D*H)mm: about 1075*1185*600/ 1410*880*1280/ 1900*1300*1400/ 2700*1500*1500
(Iii) Power supply: 220V 10A / 220V 15A/ 220V 30A/ 220V 30A

(4) Cabinet material:

(I) Test chassis body with light gray PVC plates, a thickness of 8mm, durable temperature at 65 ° C.
(Ii) laboratory sealed cover transparent brown PVC board, thickness 8mm, high temperature does not distort the deformed, with opening the lid pole can be opened lid angle, saving installation space,
(Iii) Hide integrated reagent supplement bottles, easy to clean, easy to operate.
(Iv) pressure air barrel SUS # 304 stainless steel high pressure barrel insulation effect.
(V) three-tier test sample holder, freely adjust the the specimen angle and height, surrounded by uniform off the fog by fog completely consistent, accurate test results, the test sample is placed number. (Can be customized according to the requirements of the customer's product)

(5) The technical basis:

In accordance with GB/T2423.17  GB/T10125-1997  GB10587  GB6460 GB10587 GB1771  ASTM-B117  GJB150  DIN50021-75  ISO-9227  ISO3768、ISO3769、 ISO3770  CNS 362/3885/4159/7669/8866  JISD-0201/H-8502/H-8610/K-5400/Z-2371,NSS,ACSS,CASS standard parameters of operation set.
A,The salt spray test; NSS see (1), the ACSS see (2).
Laboratory: 35 ℃ ± 1 ℃.
Pressure air barrel: 47 ℃ ± 1 ℃.
a) neutral salt spray test (NSS test) is the emergence of the earliest applications of the most widely used accelerated corrosion test methods. It uses a 5% aqueous solution of sodium chloride salt, the solution of the PH value is adjusted in the neutral range (6 to 7) as a spray with the solution. Sedimentation rate were taken to 35 ° C test temperature requirements of salt spray in 1 ~ 2ml/80cm?. H between.

b) the acetic acid salt spray test (ACSS test) is developed on the basis of neutral salt spray test. It is some of glacial acetic acid was added 5% sodium chloride solution, the PH value of the solution was reduced to about 3, and the solution becomes acidic, the final form of the salt to neutral salt spray becomes acidic. Its corrosion rate than the NSS test about three times faster.
B,corrosion resistance test to: CASS see (3).
Laboratory: 50 ℃ ± 1 ℃.
Pressure air barrel: 63 ℃ ± 1 ℃.

c) copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS test) is a newly developed abroad rapid salt spray corrosion test, test temperature of 50 ° C, add a small amount of copper salt - copper chloride salt solution, strongly induce corrosion. Its corrosion rate is about 8 times the NSS test.

(6) the air supply system:

Air pressure for the two-stage adjustment period To roughly adjust 2Kg/cm2, the inlet air filter with drainage, Sec precision adjustment 1Kg/cm2, 1/4 pressure gauge to show the precise and accurate.

(7) Spray:

(I) Bo Nute the principle lessons saline then atomized uniform degree of atomization, no obstruction crystallization phenomenon, to ensure that the test is carried out continuously.
(Ii) nozzle tempered glass, adjustable spray volume size and spray angle.
(Iii) spray volume of 1 ~ 2ml / h adjustable (ml/80cm2/h standards required to test the 16-hour average volume). The metering tube using a built-in installation, beautiful appearance neat, observed, to reduce instrument installation space.

(8) heating system:

Direct heating, warming faster to reduce the standby time, automatically switch when the temperature reaches a constant temperature, precise temperature and less power consumption. Pure titanium heat pipes, acid and alkali resistance, long service life.

(9) Control system:

(I) laboratory, pressure drums LCD dual digital the yuan temperature controller, automatic calculation function, control error of ± 1.0 ° C. The circuit board is a moisture-proof anti-corrosion treatment, high precision, long life.
(Ii) The test chamber heating tank using liquid expander safety temperature controller 30 ~ 150 ℃
(Iii) intelligent digital programmable time controller 0.1S ~ 99hr programmable (the cycle continuous spray optional.
(Iv) plot when 0 ~ 99999hr of
(V) relay
(Vi) Rocker switch with light, can work for 25,000 times.

(10) adding water systems:

Add water system of automatic or manual, automatic or manual supplement pressure barrel, laboratory water level, anti-
Ended water shortage in the ultra-high temperature damage instrument.

(11) defogging system:

Downtime clear test chamber salt spray, to prevent corrosive gas outflow damage laboratory precision instruments.

(12) Safety protection device:

(I) the low water level, automatically cut off the power, safety warning light device lights display.
(Ii) over-temperature, automatically cut off the heater power, safety warning light device lights display.
(Iii) reagent (saline) water level is low, the the security warning lights device lit display.
(Iv) leakage protection, to prevent personal injury caused due to the leakage circuit or short circuit and instrument failure.

(13) comes standard with:

(I) The Shelves                     12 pieces
(Ii) measurement of cylinder          1 piece
(Iii) temperature indication needle     1 piece
(Iv) The collector                    1 piece
(V) glass nozzle                     1 piece
(Vi) Humidity Cup                    1 piece
Attachment:                         2 bottles
Operating Instructions                1 piece
5L measuring cup    

Note: Our salt spray chamber visible pressure the barrel water level and power failure memory function

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