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HBS-3000Z Automatic Turret Digital Brinell Hardness Tester





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1. The machine adopts electronic automatic loading, computer software programming, high magnification optical measurement, photoelectric sensing and other systems.

2. Configure touch screen operating system, automatic switching of indenter and objective lens

3. The traditional weight loading system is replaced by a high-precision closed-loop test force sensor loading system, which realizes the automatic loading, holding and unloading of the instrument

4. The data of each operation process and test results can be displayed on the large LCD screen, and the data of the experimental results can be output through the printer


1. Measuring range: 31.25kgf , 62.5kgf , 100kgf , 125kgf , 187.5kgf , 250kgf , 500kgf

750kgf , 1000kgf , 1500kgf , 3000kgf (306.45N , 612.9N , 980.7N , 1266N ,

1839N , 2452N , 4903N , 7355N , 9807N , 14710N , 29420N )

2. Hardness test range: 8~650HBW

3. Data output: built-in printer

4. Microscope: 20 X digital micrometer eyepiece

5. Minimum scale value of micrometer drum: 0.001mm

6. Hold time: 0~60S

7. The distance from the center of the indenter to the machine wall: 150mm

8. Specifications maximum height: 280mm

9. Power supply: 220V, 50HZ

10. Dimensions: 230*600*920mm

11. Weight: 130kg

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