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UP-6114 High Altitude Low Pressure Test Chamber


Our Lab Equipment Combined Temperature High Altitude Low Pressure Simulation Environmental Climatic Test Chamber  combine Altitude and temperature to test various components and products, especially the aircraft avionics. Automatic controlled vacuum system provide a precise altitude simulated condition up to 30000 meters. Available to connect cable for the electronic performance test.

Product Detail

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UP-6114 High Altitude Low Pressure Test Chamber-01 (5)

1. Formed sheet steel exterior structure.

2. SUS#304 Stainless steel continuously seal welding, interior cabinet cover with vapor-tight liner, excellent vacuum performance.

3. High capacity vacuum pump

4. High efficient refrigeration system

5. Programmable

Standard Compliance

GB/T2423.1-2001 , GB/T2423.2-2001 , GB10590-89 ,GB15091-89 , GB/11159-89

GB/T2423.25-1992 , GB/T2423.26-1992 , GJB150.2-86 , GJB150.3-1986, GJB360A

Product Specification

Model 6114-100 6114-225 6114-500 6114-800 6114-1000
Test Space

W x H x D(mm)

450x500x450 600x750x500 800x900x700 1000x1000x800 1000x1000x1000
External Dimension

W x H x D(mm)

1150x1750x1050 1100x1900x1200 1450x2100x1450 1550x2200x1500 1520x2280x1720

Performance Parameters

Temp. Range  B:-20~150℃   C:-40~150℃   D:-70~150℃
Temp. Fluctuation  ±0.5℃(atmospheric ,no load )
Temp. Deviation  ≤±2℃(atmospheric ,no load )
Temp. Uniformity  ≤±2℃(atmospheric ,no load )
Cooling Rate 0.8-1.2℃/min
Pressure Level 101kPa-0.5kPa
Pressure Reducing Time 101kPa→1.0kPa≤30min(dry )
Pressure Deviation atmospheric -40kp;±1.8kpa;40kp-4kpa;±4.5%kpa;4kp-0.5kpa;±0.1kpa
Pressure Recovery Time ≤10KPa/min
Weight 1500kg
UP-6114 High Altitude Low Pressure Test Chamber-01 (6)
UP-6114 High Altitude Low Pressure Test Chamber-01 (2)-01

Pressure Altitude Reference Table

Setting Pressure Altitude
1.09KPa 30500m
2.75KPa 24400m
4.43KPa 21350m
11.68KPa 15250m
19.16KPa 12200m
30.06KPa 9150m
46.54KPa 6100m
57.3 KPa 4550m
69.66KPa 3050m


1. Do you accept customization services? Can I have my logo on the machine?

Yes, of course. We can not only offer standard machines but also customized machines according to your requirements. And we can also put your logo on the machine which means we offer OEM and ODM service.

2. How can I install and use the machine?

Once you have ordered the testing machines from us, we will send you the operation manual or video in English version through Email.

Most of our machine is shipped with a whole part, which means it is already installed, you just need to connect the power cable and start to use it. And if it's necessary, we can also assist you to install your machine on-site.

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