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UP-6027 Elmendorf Tear Strength Tester ISO63832 ISO1974 ASTM D1922

Adopt tearing theory, according to Elmendorf methods,used to test tear strength of film,sheet,soft polyvinyl chloride, PVDC,waterproof roll,weave material,polyolefin,fabric…..

Test Standards: ISO6383/2-1983,GB11999-89 ,ISO1974,TAPPI414,GB455,ASTM D1922,ASTM D1424,ASTM D689



Product Detail

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Technical Parameters

Pendulum Capacity 10--64000mN
Resolution 0.1mN         
Accuracy ±1%
Tearing arm length (104±1)mm
Tearing initial angle 27.5°±0.5°
Clamp distance (2.8±0.3)mm
Sample length of incision (20±0.5)mm
Dimensions 450×330×440mm
Weighs About 20kg
Power AC220V,50Hz

Product Features 

1.Use High accuracy angular transducer,resolution is 0.1mN,can make sure testing error within ±1%,user can use weight to check the equipment indicating value.  

2. Inside has the balance staff compensating device,reducing effects caused by friction,make testing reults more stable and accurate.

3. Liquid English menu,friendly human-computer interface,can finish testing automatically.Has testing data statistics and disposing function,output testing result with miniprinter,can show and record test result automatically.Can reduce error caused by users,and make sure test result stable and accurate.

4. Providing professional calibration weights,has calibration program inside equipment.Enter calibration menu,put calibration weights in the calibration bolts,you can calibrate it directly.


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