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UP-3015 IZOD&Charpy Combined Impact Tester

Product Description:

This kind of digital charpy impact tester is mainly used to measure the impact toughness of rigid plastic, reinforced nylon, fiberglass, ceramics, cast stone, insulation materials and other non-metallic materials. It is the ideal testing equipment in the chemical industry, scientific research institutes, universities and quality testing departments.

Performance standards:

ISO179—2000  Determination of Plastics – Hard Materials Charpy Impact Strength

GB/T1043—2008  Rigid Plastic Charpy Impact Test Method

JB/T8762—1998  Plastics Charpy Impact Testing Machine

GB/T 18743-2002 Charpy Impact Test Method for Fluid Transport Via Thermoplastic Pipe      (Suitable for pipe pieces)

Product Detail

Product Tags

 Product Characteristic

A. High-precision intelligent controller equipped with LCD display which you can read the data intuitively and accurately;

B. China's first carbon fiber lever (It has been patented); it succeeds in doing experiments without shaking involving the impact direction, improving the rigidity of materials, and concentrating impacting strength on the centroid of the pendulum, and using life increases.

C. Imported high-resolution digital encoders, higher and more stable angle measurement accuracy;

D. Aerodynamic impact hammer and imported ball bearings greatly reduce mechanical friction losses

E.Automatic calculation of the final result, 12 sets of the test data can be stored and averaged;

F. Optional interface of Chinese and English; units ( J / m, KJ / m2, kg-cm / cm, ft-ib / in )can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

G. Built-in mini printer to print the test data



Charpy Impact

Izod Impact

Pendulum energy

1J, 2J, 4J, 5J

1J, 2.75J, 5.5J

Pendulum angle


Blade angle


Blade front angle

Blade back angle


Impact speed



Impact center distance



Blade filleted radius



Energy loss

0.5J ≤4.0J

1.0J ≤2.0J

2.0J ≤1.0J


2.75J ≤0.06J

5.5J ≤0.12J

Pendulum torque


 Pd2J=1.07180Nm    Pd4J=2.14359Nm     Pd5J=2.67949Nm



Print out

Capacity. Angle, energy, etc.

Power supply

AC220V±10% 50HZ

Company Profile

Uby Industrial Co., Ltd. which has become an important manufacturer of environmentally friendly test chambers, is a modernization high-tech corporation, specializing in the design and manufacture of environmental and mechanical testing equipment;

Our corporation obtains a good reputation among clients because of our highly qualified professionals and high efficient services. Our main products include Programmable Temperature & Humidity Chambers, Climatic Chambers, Thermal Shock Chambers, Walk-In Environmental Test Rooms, Waterproof Dustproof Chambers, LCM (LCD) Aging Chambers, Salt Spray Testers, High-Temperature Aging Ovens, Steam Aging Chambers, etc.

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