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UP-3011 Ultra Low Temperature Charpy Impact Testing Equipment

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This machine is used to test the metal material at low temperature impact resistance specification,it is the necessary testing machine for gold and machinery manufacturing and also for research on new material.

This machine is used PLC control,according to the pendulum,hanging pendulum,feeding,positioning,impact and temperature regulation setting are electronic and mechanical system equipmented with dedicated automatic feeding device,sample automatic end face positioning.time from sample trapping to impact is no more than 2 seconds meets the requirement of metal low temperature chrapy impact test method. After impact sample can use rest energy to auto pendulum ready for the next text.

1. Main Chamber use double support column,spindle simply supported beam type support,hanging pendulum,bearing radial distribution is reasonable to reduce the the spindle deformation greatly reduce the energy loss caused by bearing friction.

2. Use gear motor direct hammer,operate steadily

3. 3D software accurate design of pendulum to ensure the accuracy of the centre of percussion and pendulum bob torque

4. The impact knife use screw fastening fixed,easy to reply

5. The machine is equipped with safety pin and protective screening to ensure the testing safety

6. Testing machine according to the national standard GB/T3803-2002"Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Inspection",follow the standard GB/T2292007"Metal Material-Charpy Pendulum Impact Testing Method"to do the impact testing of the metal material.

Technical Parameters

Cooling Method Liquid
Temperature Range(Ambient Temperature≤25℃) ±30℃~-196℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±1℃
Cooling Speed ±30℃~-196℃ no more than 60 min
Sample Size 10*10*55mm,10*7.5*5.5mm,10*5*55mm,10*2.5*55mm
Cooling Room Sample Volume 20 pieces
Sample Positioning Mode Pneumatic
Protective Device Completely Closed Protective Net
Power 0.37kw

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