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UP-6030 ISO535 COBB Surface Water Absorbent Test Equipment

ISO535 COBB Surface Water Absorbent Test Equipment


It is used to quickly and accurately cut in standard size sample, is a special paper, cardboard can absorb the sample sampling devices, is paper, packaging and quality supervision, inspection and other industries and departments ideal auxiliary test apparatus.


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Surface Water Absorbent Test Equipment is used to measure and evaluate the absorbency of various surfaces to water. This type of equipment is commonly used in industries such as textiles, paper manufacturing, and construction.

Table, press sampling, convenient sampling.

Technical Specification

Sample area 125cm²
Sampling area error ±0.35cm²
The thickness of the sample (0.1~1.0)mm
Outside size(L×W×H) 220×260×445mm
Weight 23kg

Company Profile

Uby Industrial Co., Ltd. which has become an important manufacturer of environmentally friendly test chambers, is a modernization high-tech corporation, specializing in the design and manufacture of environmental and mechanical testing equipment;

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    Test Area 100cm²±0.2cm²
    Test water Capacity 100 ml±5ml
    Roller length 200mm±0.5mm
    Roller mass 10kg±0.5kg
    Outside size 458×317×395 mm
    Weight About 27kg