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TEMI880 Controller

Product description:

The product uses computer technology and advanced PID control methods to measure and control the ambient temperature and humidity.

★ The display and control interface are clear and intuitive, with a touch-sensitive selection menu, easy to use, and stable and reliable performance.

★ Program control is flexible and cost-effective.

Product Detail

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Technical Index

1. 5.7-inch color touch screen;

2. Two control methods (fixed value/program);

3. Sensor type: PT100 sensor (optional electronic sensor);

4. Contact input: input type: ①RUN/STOP, ②8-way DI fault input; input form: maximum contact capacity of 12V DC/10mA;

5. Contact output: maximum 20 points of contact (basic: 10 points, optional 10 points), contact capacity: maximum 30V DC/5A, 250V AC/5A;

6. Type of contact output:

●  T1-T8: 8 o’clock

●  Internal contact IS: 8 o’clock

●  Time signal: 4 o’clock

●  Temperature RUN: 1 point

●  Humidity RUN: 1 point

●  Temperature UP: 1 point

●  Temperature DOWN: 1 point

●  Humidity UP: 1 point

●  Humidity DOWN: 1 point

●  Temperature Soak: 1 point

●  Humidity Soak: 1 point

●  Drain: 1 point

●  Fault: 1 point

●  End of program: 1 point

●  1st Ref: 1 point

●  2nd Ref: 1 point

●  Alarm: 4 points (optional alarm type)

7. Output type: voltage pulse (SSR)/(4-20mA) analog output; control output: 2 channels (temperature/humidity);

8. Can bring printer (USB function is optional);

9. Temperature measurement range: -90.00℃--200.00℃, error ±0.2℃;

10. Humidity measurement range: 1.0--100%RH, error <1%RH;

11. Communication interface: (RS232/RS485, the longest communication distance is 1.2km [optical fiber up to 30km]), can be connected to a printer to print temperature and humidity curve monitoring data;

12. Program editing: 120 groups of programs can be edited, and each group of programs has a maximum of 100 segments;

13. Interface language type: Chinese/English, can be selected arbitrarily;

14. PID number/program connection: 9 groups of temperature, 6 groups of humidity/each program can be connected;

15. Power supply: power supply/insulation resistance: 85-265V AC, 50/60Hz;

Lithium battery should be used for at least 10 years, withstand voltage of 2000V AC/1min.

TEMI880 Controller-03 (1)
TEMI880 Controller-03
TEMI880 Controller-03 (2)

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