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ISO 4649 DIN-53516 Abrasion Resistance Tester Machine Test Meter Price

The China Flexible Material DIN Abrasion Resistance Tester Price is suitable for elastic materials, rubber, tire, conveyor belt transmission belt, sole, soft leather, synthetic leather such material abrasion test, with the highly efficient, good reproducibility and easy operation properties.

Product Detail

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Design Standards

DIN-53516, ISO-4649, GB/T9867

Technical Parameters

Specimen φ16mm,6~15mm(D)
Fixture load 2.5N
Weight load 2.5N, 5N
Fixture lateral displacement 4.2 ± 0.04mm / wheel every lap
Roller length 460mm
Roll diameter 150mm
Fixture lateral displacement 4.2 mm/hoop each lap
Rooling speed 40rpm
Abrasion speed 0.32m/sec
Volume 95*66*31cm
Weight 50kg
Power 220V 50HZ

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