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What Will Happen if the High Low-Temperature Test Chamber Fails to Meet the Sealing Requirement? What’s the Solution?

What Will Happen if the High Low-Temperature Test Chamber Fails to Meet the Sealing Requirement? What’s the Solution?

All high low-temperature test chambers need to undergo rigorous testing before they can be put on the market for sale and use. Airtightness is considered the most important condition when going through testing. If the chamber doesn’t meet the airtightness requirement, it definitely can’t be put on the market. Today I will show you the consequences if the high low-temperature test chamber does not meet the tightness requirement, and how to solve this problem.

The poor sealing effect of the high low-temperature test chamber will cause the following consequences:

The cooling rate of the test chamber will slow down.

The evaporator will be frosted so it can’t realize the extremely low temperature.

Can’t reach the limit humidity.

Dripping water during high humidity will increase water consumption.

Through testing and debugging, it is found that the above situation can be avoided in the high low-temperature test chamber by paying attention to the following points:

When maintaining the equipment, check the sealing condition of the door sealing strip, check whether the sealing strip of the door is broken or missing and whether there is any loose sealing (cut A4 paper into 20~30mm paper strips, and close the door if it is hard to pull out then it meets the qualifying requirement).

Be careful to avoid any foreign matter at the sealing strip of the gate before doing the test, and do not lead the power cord or test line out of the gate.

Confirm that the door of the test box is closed when the test starts.

It is forbidden to open and close the door of the high low-temperature test chamber during the test.

Regardless of whether there is a power cord/test line, the lead hole should be sealed with the silicone plug provided by the manufacturer, and make sure it is completely sealed.

We hope the methods mentioned above can help you with testing and maintaining the high low-temperature test chamber. 

Post time: Oct-19-2023