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Notes on power supply when turning on the sand and dust test chamber:

1. The variation of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 5% of the rated voltage (the maximum allowable voltage is ± 10%);

2. The suitable wire diameter for the sand and dust test box is: the length of the cable is within 4M;

3. During installation, the possibility of damaging wiring and piping should be avoided;

4. Please do not connect the power supply for the test product to the power supply of the sand and dust test box, as this machine has already been planned and designed, and adding other loads may cause excessive load;

5. The voltage of the sand and dust test chamber is 3 φ 4W380V/50HZ;

PS: When turning on its equipment, we need to pay attention to the power capacity and do not use multiple devices at the same time to avoid voltage drop that affects equipment performance and may cause malfunctions and shutdowns. A dedicated circuit must be used.

The above are all the precautions to be taken when turning on the power supply of the dust test box.

Post time: Dec-05-2023