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Car interior VOC detection climate box allows you to understand the pollution of formaldehyde in interior parts

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The status quo caused by formaldehyde: when the mass concentration of formaldehyde reaches 0.06-0.07mg/m3, children will have mild asthma; when it reaches 0.1mg/m3, there will be peculiar smell and discomfort; reach 0.5

Eyes can cause tearing; when it reaches 0.6mg/m3, it can cause throat discomfort or pain. At higher concentrations, it can cause vomiting, coughing, chest tightness, asthma and even pulmonary edema; up to 30mg/m


Why cars need to detect formaldehyde: Due to the narrow space and good airtightness of the car, harmful gases such as formaldehyde in the car are even more harmful to the human body than the indoor formaldehyde. car

Considered to be the "culprit" of air pollution in the car.

Therefore, you must pay attention to safety while loving beauty.

These are actually controllable in the early stage. For example, manufacturers of automotive interior parts can pass inspections. If the release exceeds the standard, they cannot be shipped. Automobile manufacturers must also pass the test.

The box is strictly inspected, and if it exceeds the standard, we will not accept it. In this way, we can control the excessive formaldehyde from the source; in addition, for those who love beauty, try to reduce the amount of jewelry in the workshop and don't put too much, these are the source

In the sun, don’t worry, it’s damaged.

Nominal single cabin effective volume (m3) 12 (1± 2%) 24 (1± 2%) 35 (1± 2%)

Internal dimensions (mm)

W 3000 4000 5000

D 2000 3000 3500

H 2000 2000 2000

External dimensions (mm)

W 4000 5000 5200

D 2200 3200 4460

H 2400 2400 2400

Temperature range RT+5~90℃ (customized for more than 90℃)

Temperature fluctuation:

When ≤ 65℃, ≤ ±0.5℃

When ≤ 90℃ ≤ ±0.8℃

Humidity wave ≤ 65℃ ≤ ±1.2℃


Mobility ≤ 90℃, ≤ ±1.8℃

Heating rate

When ≤ 65℃, ≥1.5℃/min

When ≤ 90℃, ≥1.0℃/min

Air exchange rate 0.1-3 times/hour (customizable)

Tightness Gas leakage rate is less than volume x 5%

Background value mg/m3 Formaldehyde: ≤0.02; Acetaldehyde: ≤0.01; Toluene: ≤0.02; Ethylbenzene: ≤0.02;

Xylene: ≤0.02; Styrene: ≤0.002; TVOC: ≤0.02

Ventilation fan High pressure vortex fan

Temperature controlled air circulation fan Centrifugal fan

Ventilation flow meter Electronic flow meter

Purification module 4x4x1 4x4x2

Temperature control method Electric heating, SCR load regulation module, forced hot air circulation

Observation window 330x450mm (width x height), 1 material shell prefabricated library board, cold-rolled steel plate 0.8mm, surface electrostatic spraying, white inner box SUS304 mirror stainless steel 0.8mm, floor stainless steel 1.2mm heat insulation and high temperature resistant material + polyurethane composite, thickness 100mm Sealed silica gel (food grade), polytetrafluoroethylene

Operation control:

Display 7-inch color touch screen, resolution 800x480

Monitoring project temperature, flow, running time, fault record

Control method Temperature control: proportional, integral, derivative (P.I.D); system control: PLC+HMI

Resolution temperature: 0.1 ℃; humidity: 0.1% RH

Communication interface 1 USB-A, 1 USB-B, 1 RS232, 1 RS485, 1 RJ-45 (optional)

Storage and recording function Memory; U disk; SD card

Filter replacement cycle >8000 hours

Floor bearing capacity 500kg/m2

Power supply AC380 (1±10%) V (50±0.5) Hz three-phase four-wire + protective ground

Installed capacity (Kw) 18 22 28

Noise (dB) ≤65 ≤65 ≤68

System protection:

Overcurrent protection; Overtemperature protection; Motor overcurrent protection; Motor overheating protection; Power supply

Phase, phase sequence protection, etc.

Post time: Aug-24-2023